Students’ Basic Grammar of Spanish. English Edition

ISBN: 9788484434375
DIMENSIONES: 21 × 29.7 cm.

Students’ Basic Grammar of Spanish. English Edition

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The Students’ Basic Grammar of Spanish (SBG) is a self-study grammar book for students at Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1-B1. It tackles the traditionally difficult grammatical problems faced by students of Spanish through clear, straightforward explanations, accompanied by a variety of engaging, accessible and practical exercises.

Designed as a self-study book for students, the SBGS can be used outside the classroom, or as a study aid for a language course. It can also be used at levels above B1.

It offers clear, precise and thorough explanations expressed in plain language.

It contains over 470 illustrations that make it easier to understand the grammar points covered.

It provides more than 370 exercises to help learners understand and assimilate the grammar presented and avoid common mistakes.

It offers helpful examples of real, communicative Spanish and contains a wide range of text types.

It also includes:

  • An answer key
  • Regular and irregular conjugated verbs
  • A complete and easy-to-use thematic index


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